LinksNews from Welding Robotics Sept 2012 During the last three months Welding Robotics has become a partner to leading Industrial Robot suppliers Kawasaki Robotics and Yaskawa/Motoman Robotics. Their superb new Robot specifications with latest controller systems allows us to offer complete new robotic welding systems at a highly competitive price. We also can supply Used Robots to reduce the price further depending on the Customers requirement and can advise on suitability of various used robots. Our design team has been busy developing further our range of twin bay systems with standard configurations to allow for varying sizes of fabricated parts. Gudel has been chosen as our supplier of choice for Robot tracks when required on larger components.
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Video Link to robotic welding and other robotic application videos. Various spot welding and Mig welding systems.Videos supplied by engineering motion.
A road map to robotics from Implementing robotics can prove to be beneficial, but you can’t expect to achieve your desired productivity results if you don’t know how products flow to and from that cell. In other words, simply throwing a robot onto the shop floor is not the answer. Before you make the commitment to robotics, it’s important to analyze your process flow and adopt methods that will help reduce waste from the manual process. review a welding inspection device. This new high accuracy 3D weld profile measurement method uses a unique handheld non contact laser inspection system to bring objectivity, reliability and precise measurements to weld inspection. Equipment from Servo-Robot inc of Quebec Canada is now revolutionizing arc welding inspection by introducing a high accuracy 3D weld profile measurement method.
INTELLIGENT ROBOTIC WELDING The Power Wave® i400 is a leading robotic welding power source: Proven and reliable inverter providing best in class power in this class of machine. Premium robotic welding performance highlights such as Rapid-Arc®, Power Mode™, TOTAL s2f® as well as a library of additional waveforms
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In its continuous tryst to adopt the latest technologies, North Central Railway is employing the translamotic robotic welding technique in track maintenance work. The welding of points and crossing on railway tracks is done automatically without any manual interference eliminating errors. This new technology saves time and is also cost effective. - Times of India Oct 2012
View this Issue from Selecting, installing, and maintaining a through-arm robotic gun In recent years, through-arm robots have begun to replace conventional over-the-arm models. Following these selection, installation, and maintenance guidelines for a through-arm robotic GMAW gun can help you make a smooth transition.
MARWIN - new frontiers in robotic welding As part of its continuing involvement in the European Research Agency FP7 project framework, TWI is coordinating the MARWIN project. Aimed primarily at Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), the project will develop a vision based welding robot with automatic track calculation, welding parameter selection and an embedded quality control system for robotic welding, estimated completion Oct 2013
Improving your Manual Welding Oct 2012 For companies who still require production improvements and greater efficiency in their welding processes, we offer a service of appraising their current production systems and suggesting improvements using either manual or semi automated manipulator stations with improved fixturing. We look to improve your welders production rates by eliminating or reducing the time he spends loading/unloading components or moving the fabrications for weld access reasons. Our suggestions and designs will always take into account that you may require robotics or further automation in the future. Contact us now for an initial discussion.
Kawasaki robotic welding videos
Yaskawa/Motoman robotic welding videos
To inspect the part, the inspector simply holds the system up to the unwelded or welded joint and presses the trigger to take measurements and determine if there are any defects present.
So for your robotic welding requirement, contact Welding Robotics for a first class competitive system.
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We offer: W elding cell solutions. New or Refurbished. Industrial welding robots. All makes, new or used. Welding equipment that welds aluminium, steel, stainless and all normal materials. Advanced Welding Equipment from Fronius, Lincoln, Miller.
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