Automate your robotic aluminium welding with solutions from Welding Robotics. We design solutions for you using latest equipment from leading manufacturers. Abb Robots, Motoman Robots, Fronius and other leading welding invertor manufacturers.
CMT has proved to be a great resource for industrial robot automation. This revolutionary MIG/MAG welding process offers low heat spatter-free solutions for welding. CMT stands for cold metal transfer.
With the increase in use of Aluminium by major automotive companies such as JLR, it is important to be able to automate aluminium welding and ensure Consistent quality, Reduced splatter, increased productivity, Cost effective solutions. Contact Welding Robotics by email now, to obtain a first rate solution for your company.
1.Low Heat Input: CMT welding allows a dramatical decrease on heat input -- as much as 20-30% less. 2.Weld Appearance: CMT provides cosmetic welds with no spatter or distortion. The weld seam is neatly produced because of the quickly retracting weld wire that leaves behind just one droplet at a time. When welding thin or dissimilar materials (especially aluminum and steel) CMT is one of the best ways to produce attractive welds. 3.Increased Speed: CMT is an extremely high-speed welding process -- faster than traditional MIG welding or even TIG. CMT welding speed results in dramatically reduced cycle times. 4.No Post-Weld Machining: Compared to traditional arc welding, the Fronius-developed CMT method does not require corrective machining and clean up after a weld has been made. This contributes to a much faster cycle time. In addition, reworking often creates dust that contributes to problems for products and workers. 5.Simplified Fixturing: Because of the threat of distortion, more planning and more elaborate fixturing is required when configuring a MIG process. CMT, on the other hand, doesn't pose the same threat to the materials, so fewer fixtures are necessary. 6.Savings: Robotic CMT welding systems allow companies to cut back on manual labor and streamline production. With faster cycle times, increases in quality, and no rework, CMT offers many ways to save. For more information on the CMT process please go to Fronius.
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