We provide Robot programming and final installation to provide you with a fully operational Turnkey System. During design we use the principle of designing around our WeldRob range where possible. This enables us to provide many standard parts items to significantly reduce the price of a Robotic System without compromising on quality.
Welding Robotics is a Robotic Systems Integrator. Robot Simulation, Full autocad design, manufacture, assembly and installation can be provided. We will undertake any or all of these tasks as required by you the customer. We can offer a refurbished Industrial Robot or integrate a New Robot depending on your budget. Other component parts are provided new. This may include manipulators, area sensor guarding, light guards, mig welding equipment, spot welding equipment, conveyors, cabinets amongst others. Welding Robotics also designs and manufactures fixtures to hold component parts including Robot Grippers, manual clamping tooling, automatic clamping tooling, sensoring of component parts and will intergrate into the Robot Cell.
Robotic Applications
Welding Robotics will welcome your enquiries for the design and manufacture of table top tooling, integration of tooling within the cell and robot programming as a separate order to give you a full turnkey system. Of course should you wish to undertake this yourself or with a different supplier we will still be delighted to provide the Robot Cell. The WeldRob link will show you further information on this system and other systems that are used for mig welding of all size components and fabrications. Mig Welding or Spotwelding can be catered for on our complete WeldRob series range.
WeldRob is a system of stand alone Robotic welding Cells developed and designed by Welding Robotics. WeldRob 1000 series is a 1200mm x 1800mm cell with two welding bays, front loading with two tables of 500mm x 500mm, shutter doors either manual or automatic. Industrial Robot serving both bays, panel guarding with sensored service access gate. Full new Mig Welding package with robot interface. Ideal for continual welding of small metal components. By using a series of integrated tooling and robot programs with quick change tooling this system can cope with all your batch quantity fabricated items.
Robotic Systems Integrator
The WeldRob Cell system concentrates on robotic applications for Mig welding and Spot welding. By using the specified system or providing a variation in size based around customer requirement but utilising the WeldRob system we can provide solutions for all customer requirements in these industries. Robot Grippers have applications in palletising, pick and place, packing, part transfer, machine loading, press tending and injection moulding. Again core design principles are utilised to provide standard features to improve cost and performance. We provide Robotic solutions in all these applications on a unique design basis to customers requirements We will provide a good quality Robot with the reach, load and speed requirements that you require. (Kawasaki, Motoman, ABB or Fanuc).
WeldRob Production Cells
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