WeldRob Spot Welding Production Cells
All systems are designed for maximum working of the Robot, two stations prevent idle time, hence maximising your output. Often saving over 50% of man hours compared to manual welding. They are also designed so that with a simple change of table top tooling you can load many different assemblies to the production cell. We can supply suitable new spot welding robots for your application. To discuss which Robotic Production Cell is most suitable please email us now.
WeldRob Series 1000/SG Spot Welding Cell The front of the cell is a two station load/unload system, the robot carries a gripper. The tables have location pins in the corners. The table top welding fixture is manufactured to drop onto the location pins, with a grab location for the robot. After loading the Robot lifts the fixture/components and manoeuvres within the cell to a spot welding machine, we can supply this new or integrate your existing spotwelder machine. The robot manipulates the plate into position for the various spotwelds, sending a signal to the machine at each position to fire the spotwelding process. Once completed the Robot returns the fixture/components and places it back onto the location pins for unloading. Suitable for any gauge sheet metal. WeldRob Series 2000/ST Spot Welding Cell An enclosed Robot Cell with an automatic two station indexing table to the front of the robot, (various designs to suit components), a gaurd above the mid point of the table, panel gaurding with sensored service access gate, on the automatic indexer. On the manual indexer locking pins will prevent the indexer being moved until the Robot has gone to home position and signalled completion of the cycle. The Robot carries a pincer type spot welding gun which manoeuvres around the holding workpiece performing the spotwelds. Access to loading area is through front light guards, Suitable for larger spotwelded assemblies where a cabinet based system would be difficult for the operator, greater accessability for loading and unloading larger heavier assemblies.
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