The digital wire feeder controller can feed any kind of wire with high efficency. It is completely independent from the power source, a digital communication connects the wire feeder control to the power source and compensates the resistance of the interconnecting cable. An innovative communication system allows the use of interconnecting cables without affecting the arc.
The Concept Plus Multi 400K is a Three Phase Multifunction system for wide industrial applications. It is a light system that allows for flexible applications, with its high power 400A at 60% duty at 40°C°. • A full program set is available in all the machine applications. There are no limits in the applications in any kind of process with all materials catered for with different welding wires. • VDM system built in allows lower power consumption compared with other power converters for welding, saving cost and less distortion effect. • Special control allows the use of long interconnecting cable, without any loss in the welding performances. • Full capability of remote control by intelligent torch Mig or Tig.
Robot or external automatic welding equipment connection is very compatable with a simple accessory kit that allows for remote adjustment and communication. This enables easy programing changes for different components on the WeldRob Robot Cells.
The Intelligent Wire is an innovative system that allows an ever prompt ignition of the arc, thanks to the digital control of the motor synchronized to the welding condition.
With its high specification the Concept Plus Multi 400K is an ideal welding package for our WeldRob Robot Cells.
Welding Robotics is the sole distributor for the TER Concept Plus Robotic Welding Equipment
Plus Concept F Multi Synergic 400 Amp Inverter. Synergic Pulsed and Double Pulsed Programs included 3 Phase 340-400V Input accepted Fuse rating T26 Duty Cycle MIG 400 Amp @60% Duty Cycle TIG 400 Amp @60% Duty Cycle MMA 400 Amp @60% Input Power 60% 17.5KVA No Load Voltage 98V Protection Class IP 21S Spool Size 300 MM (Max) LPM Synergic Wire Feeder 4 Wheel Drive Interconnecting Cable 5 Mtrs Water Cooling System Trolley and Bottle Carrier RB 500 W Water Cooled Robotic MIG Torch 5 Mtr Primary cable 5 Mtr 70 mm Sq Earth Cable Robotic Interface
The Plus Concept It is an innovative solution that is revolutionising the Welding Industry. Now, high efficiency welding is possible with Gas Metal Arc Welding, Pulse Arc in standard applications. This Innovative system not only allows a higher quality of welding but it also achieves a fast transfer drop rate in the high frequency arc pool with surprising results: it increases the welding speed significantly (up to 45%) and, at the same time, it increases the penetration of the weld. Higher speed, higher penetration and less spatter mean less energy used during the deposit and a reduction in any component distortion during the welding.
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