Complete Turnkey solutions or simple manual welding fixtures and manipulators.
Systems manufactured to improve production rates and quality.
A total turnkey automation solution can be provided by Welding Robotics when you combine one of our WeldRob Cells with a production tooling order. This gives you the assurance of a one source supply and accountability for your automation project. Welding Robotics is based in the Northern Home Counties in England but supports projects from all areas of the UK and internationaly. With expertise in Mig welding and spot welding fixtures and welding manipulators we can offer systems to suit Manual, Semi Automated, Fully Automatic or Robotic applications. From simple fixtures for a standard machine shop to BIW fixtures and tooling for automotive companies we can offer high quality solutions for your company.
Robotic welding Fixtures Robotic Cell safety and tooling upgrades. Precision Fixtures with automated clamps. Manual Toggle clamping Jigs.
Design and Manufacture experience and facilities
Other Automation projects.
At Welding Robotics we provide precision welding fixtures and machined tooling. These are usually table top clamping tooling weld fixtures, for the correct loading and alignment of your component parts. Either manual clamping or automatic clamping depending on your requirement. Component parts usualy require a part present sensor for each component part. Design needs to ascertain robot arm access to perform the task, In some circumstances a manipulator will be required to move the loaded assembly in order for the robot to perform its task. In more simple applications tooling on a static tooling plate will be sufficient. Nesting fabrications and clamping fabrications will be designed and made together with any other locators such as location pins. All electrics and pneumatics will be positioned and interfaced with the Industrial Robot Cell to ensure smooth production. We will always take into account both the safety and wellbeing of the user operator. By ensuring ease of access to toggle clamps on manual systems and ease of loading/unloading of components and assembled part in and out of the jig.
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