Tilt and Turn - TT Series Kyrus tilt and turn positioners offer extra degrees of freedom, required for complex components. A heavy duty series is also available.
Servo Turntables - TS Series The TS series of servo turntables are based on the T range of indexing turntables therefore have a very accurate locking system and only require two external robot axis to drive the fixtures. The manipulator indexes 180% in front of the robot on the WeldRob 2000series, allowing for component manipulation which when combined with the 6 axis movement of a latest welding robot, gives the customer accurate positioning for quality welding every time. The face plate distances are easily adjustable to suit fixtures from 1200 mm up to 3000 mm in length. Drive heads are available in various sizes and include direct and indirect drive versions. A superbly accurate manipulator idealy suited for inclusion on the WeldRob range.
180° Indexing Turntable Systems - T Series The T series turntable is designed for repetitive two position indexing. The design uses a heavy duty slewing ring with our unique locking system that provides a very accurate and rigid system. Tooling plates are accurately positioned using location pins for quick and reliable change over. The design allows for easy maintenance, as all cam locks are accessable without removing the tooling. Five standard sizes are available from 100 Kg up to 1000 Kg per side.This turntable is ideal for component parts that do not require manipulation. Extemely suitable for fixturing that requires automatic clamping such as automotive parts for spot welding or mig welding. Typicaly the tooling plate on each side can be upto 2M x 1M, however we would recommend you consult us before purchasing so that weight and size of tooling can be estimated. A leading design of manipulator for the WeldRob range allowing for good accurate positioning of parts for reliable quality and productivity.
Head and Tail Stock Units - HT Series The HT Series range from 100 Kg up to 5,000 Kg and with face plate centres up to 6 meters they are also available as static systems or with moving tail stock options for varying fixture lengths. Head and Tail drives are adjustable for accurate alignment of tooling fixture.
Full details and specifications for the above manipulators is available at Kyrus Europe. Please visit their site at www.kyrus.eu.com The above is a small sample of some of the commonly used manipulators on our WeldRob range of welding cells. Many others are available at their site. Using Welding Robotics and the expertise available at Kyrus we can ensure a suitable quality welding cell is provided to your company. Manual braked manipulators, semi automated systems to aid manual welding production can be specified for each customer who requires increases in productivity, within a manual welding environment.
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