Fanuc Yaskawa Motoman ABB Kawasaki RoboticsKawasaki RA 06L and RA 10L Industrial Welding Robots
Motoman DX100 controller (standard for Motoman Robots) The energy-saving DX100 features faster processing speeds, advanced robot arm control for smoother interpolation, built-in collision detection, and quicker I/O response. These advanced control functions take advantage of YASKAWA’s Sigma V motor technology to optimise acceleration characteristics and reduce cycle time. Connections to the controller cabinet are made through the back of the unit, optimising floor space. The DX100 conserves power during robot idle time, providing up to 25% energy savings. Featuring a robust PC architecture, the DX100 uses a Windows® CE, lightweight programming pendant with colour touch screen. Multiple window display capability and a unique cross-shaped navigation cursor considerably reduce teaching time. A convenient compact flash slot and USB port facilitate memory back-ups. All operator controls are located on the pendant, allowing the control cabinet to be mounted remotely.
The E Controller combines high performance, unprecedented reliability, a host of integrated features and simple operation all in a compact design. Accurate trajectory control, high speed program execution and extremely fast loading of files. The easy to use teach pendant has motor power and cycle start at your fingertips together with multiple information screens that can be viewed simultaneously. The intuitive teaching interface is easy to use. As many as 16 external axes can be added. With onboard self diagnostics and remote diagnostics via the web server, service support can be offered from anywhere in the world.
Kawasaki Robots E Controller
New Industrial Welding Robots
Kawasaki Robots is a leading supplier of Industrial welding Robots, with new slimline Robots designed specifically for welding operations The Kawasaki RA06L, a 6Kg payload version with a 1,650mm reach and the Kawasaki RA10L, a 10 Kg payload version with a 1,925mm reach, both give a fine reach with a slim arm for great accessability, ideal for Robotic Welding. Using the latest Kawasaki E-Controller the RA Series robot has dedicated welding software with intuitive weld specific terminology used on its teaching pendant and programme structure. The E-Controller also helps to make the RA06 and RA10L robots faster, smoother and easier to integrate. Additional axes control is available for applications requiring synchronised manipulation during the weld process.
Below we provide Links to some major Industrial Robot Manufacturing Company sites. If you decide on another make or type then please contact us at Welding Robotics about providing a Systems Integration solution for your Industrial automation requirement.
Whilst the initial cost of a New Robot Cell is higher than a Used Robot Cell. The New Robot designs provide reduced welding cycle times, more reliability, programmers only need to learn one system and table top tooling is made simpler to design and manufacture. All these provide significant savings and increased profitablity to the customer over the longer term. We can supply good quality used robots but would only advise this for companies already involved in robotic welding.
Yaskawa Motoman MA1400 / MA 1900 Yaskawa Motoman is a leading supplier company of Industrial Welding Robots with a superb reputation for quality and reliability. The 6-axis MOTOMAN-MA1400 has been developed in order to achieve optimal results in extremely difficult conditions and for the high demands of arc welding applications. With its superior wire feed system, the maximum working range of 1,434 mm and integrated media hose package, the 6-axis robot MA1400 significantly improve welding quality. The fast motion sequences reduce welding cycle times. The torch cables are integrated in the robot arm in order to avoid collisions with the workpiece. The 6 Axis MOTOMAN-MA1900 has an increased reach of 1,904mm
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